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At OMBI Home Solutions we don’t  invest in real estate, we invest in families and communities.  Our mission is to provide you with real solutions to all the challenges of homeownership.  From the hope and excitement of a new purchase to recovering the exciting  purchase of a new home to the


Time is of  the essence.  From the moment you miss that first mortgage payment/tax bill the clock starts.    Don’t lose all your hard earned equity.  Schedule a consultation with Ombi Home Solutions and let us help you get back on track.

Ombi Home Solutions can help you sell your home FAST!

- F - Get a FAIR price for your home. Sometimes things don’t’ work out like we planned. Regardless of your current situation, you deserve to get some of your hard earned money out of your investment.

– A – AVOID major home repairs and cosmetic upgrades. Need a new deck? Could your home use some new carpet and fresh paint? Let us worry about all those details. We purchase your home AS-IS.

– S – SAVE thousands by selling to Ombi Home Solutions. Spend ZERO in costly repairs, ZERO real estate commissions and ZERO closing cost! We have it covered.

– T – We work on your TIME! We know every situation is unique and we work on your timeline for your specific needs. Need to sell now but move later? No problem! Is the home you want to sell a rental property with tenants in place? No issue there. Whatever your timeline. Ombi Home Solutions has a solution for you!

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Here are some of the services we offer buyers at Ombi Home Services.

Homeownership Counseling

We help you determine how much home you can afford!

Credit Repair

Low credit score keeping you from qualifying for a mortgage? We work with you to repair your credit.

Loan Down Payment Assistance

Saving for a down payment can be a big hurdle! Ombi Homes Solutions offers a down payment match program up to $2500.00. That means for every dollar you save for your down payment, Ombi Home Solutions will match you dollar for dollar up to $2500.00

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